Why did they shut me out of heaven?

Did I sing too loud?

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A Few Words

Doesn't like pedophiles.
Is Christan.
Get your pathetic flamecrap out of my face, douchebag.
Is really... Kind of a nice person. But blunt.
Is loud.
...Do I seem moody or bipolar to you at all?
I love acting and singing, and biology~! I stick to old movies, though, because the acting in those (I feel) was a lot better than the acting in the ones now... Also, movies are getting more and more inappropriate. I adore Bollywood movies- EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE SOMETIMES MADE OF FAILURE.
Laughs really easily- But I am not fond of sexual jokes at all (or anything sexual for that matter). Take it or leave it, yeah?
Loves anime and manga.
I'm really a cheerful person (sort of) once you get to know me.
...Pedos, go away.

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